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The Canary Islands

by Katia M1 September 2019 0

The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco, northwest Africa. The archipelago consists of eight islands with Isla Graciosa recently been added to the lot.

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by Katia M17 June 2019 2

Powerful, spectacular, volcanic, untamed, lush greenery, forest, ultimate, welcome to Reunion Island. Only 45 minutes away from Mauritius and this gem has all you need for a date with nature.

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PINKMANGO – 100% Mauritian Activities like never before !

by Katia M14 April 2019 5

Do you want to enjoy an authentic Mauritius getaway taste, feel  and live 100% local experiences like I have have been doing over the past weeks? Then the answer is PinkMango Travel. Not only for people visiting Mauri

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Rodrigues Immersion

by Katia M8 March 2019 1

I love to travel probably more than anything else. I enjoy discovering new places and I also love to go back to places close to my heart. The reason why this is my second visit to Rodrigues Island.

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