The new trend of transforming our homes into a more inspired, ideal place to live, work and play was born with the social toll of COVID. We were put on the precipice of change. Now less is more, slower is faster and bigger isn’t always better.

Many people have redefined lifestyle choices. Small steps such as reducing personal possessions, reusing what’s available, and buying mindfully (as well as locally) can have big and far-reaching implications on the planet- while adding value to our homes and lives. More and more people are looking for high quality, essential, sustainable, healthy and clean brands to support their values and lifestyle.

Needless to mention that I am a homebody to the core, so investing in my home and my comfort has always been important to me.

Let me introduce you to Mysa Maison.

The word ‘Mysa’ has its roots in Swedish, meaning to be comfortable and content at home.

Mysa is a premier luxury bed linen, bath-ware and homeware brand in Mauritius. With its legacy in high-quality linen, the brand celebrates a range of modern and vintage designs, crafted using sustainable methods of production.

Mysa is definitely not a new brand in Mauritius since before they were exclusive to B2B, mainly in the Hospitality industry and finally they have a physical store for the pure happiness of a lot of homebodies out there.

They create products with versatile shades that appeal to the taste of each and every one of us. Mysa Maison specialises in wellness-obsessed home textiles while bringing a rare touch of intimacy and serenity to your home. They carefully considered which colours would allow people to create energising, cosy rooms and bathrooms in their own homes.

Mysa maison
Mysa maison
BEDDING (feel your stress melt away)

When you slip into a bed of fresh Mysa linen you’re investing in a great sleep and in turn, your best self.  A great bed is more than just comfort, it’s also part of our general health. My bed has never felt so luxurious and soft since I had this total makeover.

There is also the bamboo lyocell bed set collection for those who want extra smoothness, sateen texture and additional comfort. I don’t know how it is to sleep on a cloud but this Bamboo lyocell could be the closest sensation to that of a cloud.

All the bed sets come in sweet pouches for maximum protection and easy storage to avoid trapping moisture, mildew and yellowing. It is advised to read carefully the washing guidelines; avoid using harsh detergent or bleach as they are usually packed with toxic chemicals. These care instructions will keep your linen lasting for a very long time.

Mysa maison
Mysa maison
Mysa maison

When I realised that we actually spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, high-quality bedding is something that I know I’ll get a great benefit out of. Caught up with work during the week, the weekends are when I get lazy in bed and wrap myself into my sheets. You know what I’m talking about. 😛

Sleep is one of the deepest relaxations one can experience, rather make the 23 years of our life worth it.

Ohh, did I mention their pillow menu? You can choose from soft, medium and firm pillows as well as specially shaped pillows to help with side support. Their full-length body pillows are designed to help everyone from those suffering from joint pain, patients recovering from surgery to expectant mothers.

Types of pillows:

Microfiber pillow

Buckwheat pillow

Cassia Seeds pillow

Memory Foam

Latex Pillow

Pregnancy pillow

Duck Feather pillow

Goosedown pillow

 A big part of getting a good rest is having the right pillow. All of them are incredibly light and cosy, offering a bounce, support and breathability to your bedding.

Mysa bed linen

Wrap yourself in them once and you will be hooked. A total game-changer, these organic towels are ultra-quick at absorbing water without getting too heavy. A fluffy thickness without the compromise of softness. These towels have completely changed my skincare and bathroom experience.

mysa bath towel

I also very much like their beach towels, they come in bigger sizes and in vibrant colours, ideal when you go to the beach or by the poolside for a quick dry up. I have washed mine a couple of times already and the vibrant colours did not fade even a little.

Mysa maison
mysa bath towel

If you wish to personalise one of their products for yourself or as a gift, you can add an embroidery touch to almost everything (bed linen, towels, bathrobe, kitchen towels…)

I also treated myself with this ethical organic robe made from coffee grounds with my initials on it. This bathrobe is so soft and lightweight.

organic coffee ground bathrobe
mysa organic coffee ground bathrobe
organic coffee ground bathrobe
The Kitchen, where all the magic happens

The Kitchen is the second place where we spend a lot of time because Manuel and I love to cook. To make cooking more fun, I got ourselves a nice pack of kitchen towels, oven gloves and aprons.

How cute are these kitchen packs? The light green set is mine and the blue stripes are his.

From the bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen, the presence of Mysa Maison brings in a touch of comfort and care in my everyday life.

You plan to visit the store in the coming days,  here are some useful tips / FAQ’s

1. How to measure the dimension of my mattress?

To determine the dimensions of a mattress, measure it from head to foot for the length and from side to side for the width.

Also, measure the height of the mattress as well.

Here as some standard mattress size:

Queen size – 160 x 200

Double / Standard  – 140 x 200

King Size – 180 x 200

Super King – 200 x 200

2. What’s the difference between the 200TC and 300 TC – Thread Count

A thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. In the shop, the 200 TC is 100% Combed cotton whereas the 300 TC is 100% cotton and is considered to be the luxurious premium range, It has a more silky/satin finish. You can feel it in the touch.

3. Difference between Flat sheet and Fitted Sheet?

This depends on the personal taste whether you would opt for flat or fitted sheets. Fitted sheets come with elastic, secures the mattress, fits the mattress properly. Available both in 200 TC and 300 TC. The flat sheet is more common in usage, let’s say it’s easier to use if you live alone, easier to tuck under the mattress.

4. What if my bed is not in the standard size?

From the above tips, do not worry if your mattress does not correspond to the above standards, Mysa Maison provides custom-made solutions to your requirements.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful, share in the comment below if you have been to the store and enjoy the products as much as I do.


With love

xx Katia xx


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