Cuba – The classics keep rolling

by Katia M4 February 2018

Cuba !! Every time I used to hear latino songs I could picture myself in a Cuban bar having cocktails while dancing to this sexy beat to make me lose myself.

7 months ago, I was there and was feeling a bit nostalgic when I was sorting my holiday’s pictures a few days back.

I still remember arriving in Havana in the middle of the night, went to bed and when I woke up the next day, I was so excited to explore this beautiful city. Was a cloudy stay in Havana, yet, it did not bother me as the classics keep rolling in this city. The music keeps playing in every corner, the long list of cocktails to try, you know you are in Cuba when the colors are bright, the taxis are classics, the buildings are lined up next to each other.

Let the Adventure begin!

My favorite thing there was definitely the rides in the American convertible classic car. Windows down, head up and watch the sun sets and the Cuban scenario is all set for you. Magical!

Food and transport are affordable

The best way to discover the city (small well-hidden streets) is either on foot or the bike rides, like that you can do things at your own pace and stop whenever for pictures and meet locals. For further locations, opt for the vintage classic cars. The restaurants are really impressive, that mix of old and new is just wonderful. Here is a list of a few restaurants you should do while in Havana:

  • La Guarida
  • La Cocina De Liliam
  • El Cocinero
  • El Dandy
  • Arcangel Cafe
  • Al Carbon
  • La Bodeguita Del Medio


Other places to visit

The El Capitolio, the Plaza De La Revolucion, the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes, Museo De La Revolucion for some Cuban History.

Go to Plaza De La Cathedral, there, visit also the Fototeca de Cuba, the Cathedral of San Cristobal, coffee terrace break, live bands and the most famous pub – La Bodeguita Del Medio” which is next door to experience the authenticity of the Cuban cocktails.

One night, try the Casa De La Musica for some dance classes and meet the locals. Aie aie aie !!!!! Caliente !!!!



What an adventure it was and I will always cherish those Cuban memories. I hope I made you travel with those pictures.

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With Love

xx Katia xx


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