1.Upper Body Focus

by Katia M2 April 2018


What is bodybykatiam?

“By the time you get dressed up for the gym, drive there and finally check in, you have already lost about 30-45 mins.”

My workout program is 100% home based. Just get the right equipment needed for each workout program and you are good to start. No excuses! My workout routine is quite simple. It takes you 30-40 mins max a day and together with my workout playlist, it is going to be fun I promise. I designed a series of workout plan together with my partner, Manuel who is a professional basketball player and most of these exercises he himself performs during his training sessions and before games. Manuel chose each and every workout consciously in a special sequence that would focus on a group of muscles at a time. He has been coaching me for nearly 3 months now and the results are REAL.


Why I wrote this program?

Faced with a knee problem since little and with injured ankles, my health situation does not allow me to jump around and do HIT cardio like exercises. I would just feel worse as I needed more time to recover from the stress I put on my knees and ankles after each workout. And little by little I was less and less motivated to continue with those highly intense cardio workouts. Another failure…

I have tried several workout programs I bought online. But none of them really worked on what I really wanted to achieve as body figure based on my body type.

The fact that we are all different genetically speaking… which is the main reason I suppose it did not work for me.

The workout program that I will be sharing with you will make you lean and tone since I did it myself and it WORKED!


What can you expect from this workout program?

The whole program will make you lose on your waist, hips, get abs, get lean up and toned. Most importantly, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and keep you healthy. What i expect from you now, is that you challenge yourself; nail every single workout and definition will show. Also, you need to have an appropriate diet. By this I mean: reduce oily food, deep fried food, high sugary drinks and control what you eat.

Are you ready to get my workout program? Upper Body Focus, Power Core, Lower Body Focus, Killer Obliques and the Fit ball Program.


Final Note

I have dedicated a whole new account on Instagram @bodybykatiam where I will be posting workout exercises, recipes and repost your body transformation by using this #bodybykatiam please feel free to tag me so I can see your progress.

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/bodybykatiam/

To wrap this, I would like to thank the three amazing people with whom I collaborated on this project and without whom this would not have come true; Manuel, my partner and my coach, Shain Ramjan who beautifully drew the illustrations and Raoul Rampare who took the pictures.

Every week I will be launching one specific workout program on my blog. Stay connected!

For the first workout program, we will be focusing on the Upper Body. I did not include a warm up or cool down, make sure you do this on your own and do not skip it. For a strong and toned upper body, we will be working the shoulders, back, chest and arm. Make sure you keep your core tight, squeeze your glutes and keep everything contracted. Remember to focus on your posture while exercising using the right weights at the start and then slowly increase the number of weights that you are lifting over the weeks.


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