Casela – A world of Adventures

by Katia M18 January 2018

250 hectares of fun and excitement, the park has known considerable changes since a few years !!!! Principally a bird park of about 1500 species, it has now become an essential attraction to do while you are on vacation in Mauritius. Jump into the safari ride to see Zebras, Ostriches, African impalas, Wildebeest, Kudu, waterbuck, Oryx, Cape Eland, Blesbok, Emu and of course the two Rhinos; Ella and Benji.

Different packages are available and activities are diverse so all taste can be pleased – explorer soul, safari thrill, family time gathering or a junkie of an adrenaline rush. Casela Park answers to all your need.

Casela Park gives the perfect combination of animal interactions with the extra knowledge given by the guide on the spot on raising awareness of each animal and its importance in the ecosystems and how sadly they are becoming extinct because of humans activities.

What I appreciate is that you really get close and personal with the animals (white rhinos, hippos, giraffes, lorikeets and the Aldabra Tortoises) I really adored feeding the world’s tallest animal. They love to enjoy some food from the palm of your hand and they are also very keen to pose for selfies! The giraffes are approx. 5 years old. They weigh approx. 1 ton. Female height can go up to 4,60 m while the male goes up to 5,80 m.

Then there is also the Petting farm where you can expect to see llamas, rabbits, iguanas, goats, chicken, and the Aldabra tortoises. About the Aldabra tortoises, these species are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. These beauties weigh approx. 200 kg. You can feed the Aldabra by giving them fruit brochettes.

What to say about the Big Cats kingdom! Lions, tigers, caracal, amongst other. A perfect dive into the African jungle without taking a plane.

On the other hand, those looking for thrilling sensations you have the choice between zip lines, quad biking, segway, canyon swing, Nepalese bridge, avalanche mine and karting.


I have been to Casela Park countless times, yet every time I visit the park there is always something new to do or to see. If you think you are too old to visit the Casela Park you are wrong in thinking as such. To sum up, this wonderful day I had, have a look at the gallery. Besides, something tells me that I will be visiting soon again.

For more info on the Park and reservation click on the link below:

If you haven’t been yet make it a must!

Photo by Raoul Rampare

Share your experiences in the comment section of your visit to the Park.


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