by Katia M16 January 2018

Whatever you call them, cactus seems to be a thing right now after the pineapple and the flamingo. You can see them everywhere; gardens, home deco, on printed fabrics, bed sheets, cushions…. What else? Cactus on toilet paper?! (If it is not already the case)

I am making fun of it, but like everyone I could not resist being in the actual craze. When a friend of mine told me that he saw a spot full of cacti. BIM BAM! Within a couple days we sorted it all out. Here is a preview.

I am wearing outfits from a local designer, Valerie Jordan, her brand is called SUNDAE. I really like what she does, the material she uses, nice cut, and they fit pretty well. The ultimate girly summer look.

Check her collection right here:


Shot by Raoul Rampare


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