Into the Closet of a Fashion Stylist

by Katia M23 February 2018

A guided tour precisely into Martine Labour Closet.
Are you ready?


Who Is Martine Labour?

“I am a very passionate person, I go for what I love, and this brought me where I am today. I am a perfectionist. I started out in the fashion Industry 6 years ago. I use to work for the local fashion magazine “Essentielle” as a fashion editor. I took care of every aspect of the fashion side, “concepting”, shopping, photographers,
models, organising the photoshoots for the pages in fashion magazines. I was in
my world. When I then got pregnant, I decided to focus on my family. I am a
mother of two, a girl and a boy. Capri and Theo, and now most of my time is taking
care of them, but I am still very much implicated in the fashion world.”

When did you realise that fashion was your passion?

“At a very young age, I had this penchant for this industry, as time went by I grew
this deeper passion for this line of work where I develop my own sense of style
and eye for fashion. My style philosophy is to go for the simple things.”

Below, some of her collaboration as a fashion stylist.

What can we expect in your closet?

“Lots of classy pieces, with a touch elegance, sophistication, polished etiquette and
finesse. What makes me stand out from the crowd? You don’t have to be wealthy,
you just have to exude this aura of sophistication.”

Elaborate the different looks you go for.

“Keep it neat. If you are going to wear something oversized on top, keep the
bottom skinny. Tuck in your top to show off your waist or opt for something
that is closefitting or waist-skimming, otherwise, you risk looking messy. As I’m
very easy my everyday look are dresses. I go for easy to wear dresses but
at the same time unique pieces.”

What would be your favorite accessories? Bags, shoes ??

“Nude pumps, every woman needs them! It is just as important as the little black
dress. My fashion weakness is bags, it a never-ending love affair. My all-time
favorite bag is my never full Louis Vuitton; it pairs well with everything. As for my
accessories, I go for simple jewellery pieces, classy and elegant.”


Any particular brand that you affectionate?

“I don’t have a specific brand, I like to mix and match pieces. It really depends on
what’s trending. But my ultimate style will eternally be classic and neat. I strongly
believe that fashion is truly not about brands but the style itself.”

What is your go-to outfit?

“My go-to outfit is my white shirt and my jeans. I opt for a crisp cotton or soft silk,
its tailored shape brings elegance to distress denim. You can never go wrong. A
closet staple.”

How do you think Mauritius has evolved in terms of fashion?

“With the emergence of young fashion designers, Mauritius has evolved, as these
young creators began to develop their own sense of style. This then gave a new
configuration to local fashion. On top of the rise of new well-known brands, it
just expanded the horizon for locals in terms of fashion. I also think that the
reveal of fashion through our local magazine helped paved the way to a more
open-minded society in sense of new trends and fashion faux pas.”

What do you think will be the fashion trend for this year?

There are many trends that are going to stay from the previous season (years)
but I believe that pastel is going to come back. Fancy pants, bejeweled touch to
it. And I would also say that sequins will be a must have this year, daytime as well
as night time.

Any piece of advice for the Mauritian who have a drive for fashion?

I want the young Mauritians that has this drive for fashion to understand that it’s
not about the brand but about the style.

Thank You Martine

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