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by Katia M21 May 2018

Before we go right into the concept of preparing a meal plan, I would like to stress on this quote.

“Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy”

In parallel with the fitness program, bodybykatiam, many of you have asked me to share as well my meal plan. It is undeniable that a proper meal program will give you quicker results as you will be fueling your body correctly. In this Meal Plan, I have also incorporated the weekly workout routine check box to make sure that you are still doing your program every day. All of the ingredients and products found in the meal recipes are found in Mauritius and I have catered for different budgets as well as for Vegans so that all of you can start a healthy lifestyle.

In this meal plan booklet, you will find easy breakfast recipe ideas for busy mornings. Some of the breakfast meal you can prepare the night before, like the“Coconut chia pudding”. They are all easy to realize and great for your body and mind. As much as possible try to prepare your lunch pack if you work outside home, like this you will have a control over what you eat. Some of the meals, once prepared you can consume them for the next 3 days. I have tried to put as many varieties as possible. Once you mastered the mix and match meal plans, you are now a Pro and you can do your meal plans on your own. Having a meal plan takes the stress out of organising your weekly meals. This booklet is designed to encourage you to plan out what you will be eating daily so you do not opt for junk food when you cannot decide what to cook.

Tip: Follow healthy meal accounts on Instagram, like @buddha_bowls and get inspired on Pinterest there are so many meal ideas. As far as I am concerned, I have the same meal once for my lunch and another time for dinner, I try to avoid heavy carbs in the evening as your body takes more time to process at night. So rather opt for a pasta meal at lunch time rather than at dinner time. Aim for a low carb diet rather than a no carb diet.

Everyone’s version of “healthy” is different. Stop focusing on what the scale says and focus on feeling your absolute best.

It is all about balance, a little give and take.

**Nutritionist Disclaimer –

I am not a certified nutritionist and make no claims to the contrary. Each individual’s dietary needs and restrictions are unique to the individual. You are ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to your health.


I am not a Nutritionist, hence make sure you do not have any reaction or allergies to food or any kind of food intolerances before consuming any of these meals proposed.

I have also included the 3 months workout program for Bodybykatiam. Do follow the calendar and opt for a clean eating habit. If you did not download the 5 workout. programs from Bodybykatiam, please do so in order to follow the 3 months program.

Most importantly have fun trying out some meals and tag me in the making.

Cover illustrations by Shain Ramjan.


Just click on the “Download The Meal Plan”

With Love


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You are doing a wonderful job for the babes around the island who struggle with meal plans and working out!
Great work! love <3

Thanks Katia for sharing! Its great to have a Meal Plan with products that can be sourced locally. I am impressed with your blog and website. Go Girl xxx

Thanks for sharing Katia, it’s very useful!
Do you happen to have any suggestion/recipe for simple desserts? Unfortunately, I can’t skip this from my meal plan, thanks to my 5-year-old. 😉 I’m struggling to find easy-to-prepare desserts, using organic products available on the market.

Hello Yovana,
Well i lookout for my recipe on Pinterest to be honest, in the search bar I type in like “light Chocolate dessert” and a lot of suggestion appear to me, then I chose which one I prefer the most and give the recipe a try. Try to do the same based upon your favorite dessert.

Hope this helped.
Take care
Katia 🙂

Thank you so much Katia. Its a great pleasure following this meal plan. Thank you so much for helping women to achieve their goals. This is really kind of you. Love you

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