Resistance Band – Glutes Activation

by Katia M3 May 2018


Bands are very versatile and for past few years, they have become increasingly popular in everyone’s training. Some of the most overlooked muscles are legs! Ans resistance bands tackle that like a champ! Get toned Glutes, Quads, Calf, Hamstrings etc. Also great for the upper body.

Due to high demand for the glutes, I have dedicated my last workout program on Glutes activation special resistance band which is a major part of my personal workout routine too.



Which resistance band tension should I opt?

Go for higher tension bands for the legs and back and medium tensions for the shoulders and arms.

The best part is you can travel with them and once you learn how to use them properly, you can have a great workout anytime anywhere.

For a more intense workout, use a double band (one at calves/ankles level and the other one above the knees.)

Warm up 5 minutes, which I expect you to do on your own. While doing the set of exercises, squeeze your core every single time and your glutes. At the end of each round, get into 1 minute of mountain climber to keep your heart rate up. Cool down for 1 minute before starting the second round and do the same with the last round.

Do 3 sets of the series of exercises and rest briefly in between. Equipment needed – an exercise mat and 1 or 2 resistance bands.

Same, practice this workout 3 times a week, with 1-day rest in between.

My Workout Program is FREE !!!! So share it with your friends and lets us all do this challenge! If you did not get the previous workout program, make sure you download it too.

Photo: Raoul Rampare

Illustrations: Shain Ramjan


Just click on the “Download bodybykatiam


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