My Life Saving Planners

by Katia M16 March 2018

Always have this feeling that you forgot something after leaving the house for a night out or weekend getaway, or the feeling that you forgot something when you already packed your suitcase and on the way to the airport, or you need to write down your “ to-do list” else it’s on your forgotten list that you will add it to!

Well, this is me. I’m so forgetful that my friends call me Dory, from Finding Nemo.

I thought I’d share my life-saving templates as they might be helpful to some of you.

My Travel Planner and Checklist templates.  Trust me you will no longer forget the essentials when travelling. Remember what you forgot, you can always buy them. Not a big deal! No stress, you are on Holidays! 

I also pack my clothes according to the places I go visit when on vacation (museums, restaurants, beach, clubbing…) I style them with the appropriate shoes and accessories. And this is the planner I always use. 

Above are my life-saving planners I use for travel, work and reminders.

Are you too like me?

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