4. Killer Obliques

by Katia M23 April 2018

Hello Fit people, here is the number four of this workout program where we will be working deep into the obliques. The “V” shape.

How often you should do this workout program of Killer Obliques, simply 3 times a week with a day rest in between.



This workout program is 100% home-based workout, no excuses! Like always, perform your warm-up exercises, you can look it up on youtube and do the one you are comfortable with for 5 minutes.


Now get going, you will need an exercise mat and a pair of dumbells. Do this set of exercise 3 times a week with a day rest in between.


My Workout Program is FREE !!!! So share it with your friends and lets us all do this challenge! If you did not get the first workout program, make sure you download it too.

Photo : Raoul Rampare

Illustration: Shain Ramjan


Just click on the “Download bodybykatiam


With Love


Im so happy to found such a cute blog in Mauritius itself+the free workout plan is like a huge motivation🌻
Thank you so much❤

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