My Enchanted Boho Birthday Setup

by Katia M6 February 2018

I rarely do something on my birthdays. Just a dinner with the family and a gathering of friends this is it. But this is about to change!

Well, i promised myself that for the entire 2018 and the years to come, that my main objective is to make my soul happy – more smiles, laughs and more good times with real friends.

So then, let’s make it a birthday to remember.

First things first, find the birthday party theme. Hmmmm!  Mood board ready within a couple of hours and I opted for a floral deco with candles, “The Enchanted Boho deco” Thank you Pinterest!

Once set on the theme, how to make this happen?

And I want everything to be just perfect.

Deco, birthday cake, table set up, invites…… Grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contact list. Within a few messages and phone calls exchanged I started seeing things taking shape and most importantly matching my mood board theme. Yeeessss !!! Getting there.


Luckily I am an organised person or let’s say I try to be.


Ring from Patrick Mavors – Sea urchin  Collection (

Daniel Wellington watch, Classic Petite Melrose and cuff (

Bouquet from Lexia Wedding Designer (

Let’s get back to my Birthday cake.

The two main occasions where you should not disappoint on the cake is on your birthday and on your wedding day.

“Wanderess”, passionate traveller, an adventurer in the soul. I wanted a cake that would feature my travel destinations for this year, or if not,  in the years to come. I told Lexia my travel picks and she knew exactly what I had in mind. Creativity is definitely her strength, I did not know how my cake would look before she brought it herself on the D-day. I nearly cried when I saw my cake, so many emotions.

The art of the table at it’s best. Layers of prettiness, the ultimate boho-chic setup/ styling & coordinator not forgetting the birthday cake all done be Lexia. 

She personally comes to the location to do the setup, a perfectionist, nothing will be left neglected under her little fingers.

Below is the link to get in touch with her for any occasions (birthdays, weddings, baby shower…)

Well for those who do not know her yet, please meet Lexia.




What an amazing night it was, plus the super moon was present! I loved everything! Still, some people close to my heart were not present this night but not once they were off my mind.

Gallery of this fun night, Photo: Raoul Rampare



With love



Happy Birthday again Katia 🌼
Enchanted it is ✨ Theme very well picked by you and kuddos to Lexia for her outstanding work.
Beside you, the cake was an absolute beauty!
Each details of the deco and the cake was so beautiful.

Wishing you a blessed year ahead full of adventures and happy moments!

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