How to boost your confidence?

by Katia M23 January 2018

I am not a life coach, neither I am here to tell you what to do. Rather, I want to share some tips that I use to grow in confidence when at times I feel at the very bottom.

Yes! It does happen to everyone, even to the most charismatic person to feel low in self-esteem. From the books I have read, mainly motivational, self-confidence and biographies of successful and influential personalities, they all seem to swear byconfidence” being the key to your personal happiness and success.

I apply them myself and I am quite very happy of the outcome. Question that I am most frequently asked  is “ How is it possible that you are always smiling and happy? ”

It was not always the case, but then I let these few steps into my everyday life until they become part of me and I am a totally fulfilled person now.

Stop the blab la and lets get into it.

You do not have to be slender, fit and toned, to have the best hair or to be considered “pretty” to be confident. You do not have to be accepted by everyone either.

Being Confident starts with YOU !


I know ! I know ! Easier said than done. But try to realize that you are YOU, and no one else. You cannot be that other person, so why not try to be the best version of yourself? You only have to be good enough for yourself after all.



Anything you visualize or expect to happen has a chance of happening (The Secret by ) So now if you thinking about negative things – “I am not good at anything” or “I am too fat”- this is how you will display yourself to the world. Change that by taking out negative words and changing your attitude towards things.



They happen! Learn from them.



At one point, you have to let people realize you are who you are – Take it or walk away ! Do not even try to fit in a world someone creates for you.



Personally setting myself tons of goals keep me going and I feel amazing once I have accomplished them. Give it a try.



Take time off to think about yourself for a while. Do not over think about your To Do List. Think about what you enjoy doing and forget the rest.



And to it constantly! Whether its gardening, painting, photography, do what you love and what makes you happy. For me its DIY – every time I finish a DIY, I look for something else to do. It gives me so much satisfaction and serenity.

Here are a few DIY I started.

Well, i am still on my seashell mirror. Half way done because it is a lot of work as you can see. Once over its gonna be amazing.

The Macrame design i did it in 3 weeks whereas the towel hanger and the star photo-frame in a day.



Accept yourself as you are and take judgment lightly. Do not beat yourself up for anything and remember to take life day-by-day. Do not pick at yourself and add to your insecurities. You are just FINE as you are. Remember this “YOU HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF HOURS IN A DAY AS BEYONCE” ! 

What is your excuse now? Be bold, be you and Slay in your own way.

xx Katia xx


If you have other tips you are aware of, please feel free to share in the comment box below.




Hello Katia!

Ohhhh I have no words for this blog post it’s just AMAZING!! 👌
Your blog post did give an immediate boost to my confidence…

I would like to share some little tips that help me to gain confidence…

1. Find a purpose, passion or curiosity.
One of the surest ways to feel confident is to have something to feel certain and confident about. Whether it be a lifelong passion, an intuitive feel about your purpose or even a random curiosity, FOLLOW it! If something interests me, engages me, intrigues me, excites me, stimulates me or makes me feel that energising fire in the pit of my stomach or the base of my brain, then I have every right to explore that!
All this will provide me with drive, determination and a sense of belonging, inevitably increasing confidence too!
2. Find gratitude. 
Focusing on what I HAVE, instead of what i don’t. Confidence is essentially derived from our own contentment. Self confidence and self satisfaction are one and the same, grown on the same vine by the same (loving) hands.
When we begin to appreciate, accept, admire and give thanks for what we already have, gratitude increases and ultimately so does our self confidence. As you say we should stop comparing constantly doing so brings doubt, insecurity and dissatisfaction but not confidence
3. Dare to do things differently.
When I want to do something i Do it. Allowing fear of failure, ridicule or embarrassment to inhibit me from achievement, experience or life in general is nothing short of silly.
Biting my lip, clenching my fists, squinting my eyes if i must ! I get thirty seconds of insane courage and just DO IT!
Thus contributing to boost confidence!

Diane Xx

Hello Diane darling,
Ohhh wow !! Thank you for taking the time to read and more importantly for sharing more of these positive thoughts. This is why i created this platform and i am very happy to see it being active.
I do agree with all what you wrote and would add up to what i think too. Confidence is really being focus on the self realisation and value.

Take care.
Much love

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