My RED Crush – SEAT Arona

by Katia M12 December 2018

I guess that all of us Young Professionals there are a few milestones in our life which make us proud. Proud of our hard work and effort we put in and when results show off we feel satisfied and accomplished.

As for me, I am so happy to finally get my ride. I have been on a car hunt for a while now, before deciding on which one I would be driving throughout the island and get me everywhere. Thankful to some of you did really help me a lot in guiding my choice. And here was my Red crush, the SEAT Arona!

I have been asked, “Who represents SEAT in Mauritius?” quite a lot actually and it is Allied Motors. A quick note so that you know, SEAT is a European made, from Spain actually and it falls under the Volkswagen Group which reunites, of course, Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT.

What can I tell about it? It was love at first sight. I fell for its sharp edges, strong stature and it has a beautiful silhouette from all angles. Ever since I had it, it’s been a treat taking this red crush throughout the island. Impressive tech, energetic and young, the perfect ride which mirrors my personality and character.

Last time I took it out for some outdoor running at Albion and it turned out to be a fun time. I always have my workout playlist on for motivation, music is what keeps me moving. Also, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to the music in your car. How cool is that?

The part that I really enjoy is if you have a SEAT and a smartphone, you will always stay connected thanks to full link technology which connects your smartphone to your SEAT compatible with Android phone or apple which makes it you can enjoy your app on the 8” screen. How awesome is that? An affordable car with a technology designed to make everything easier.

I mean so many cool features it has like the “park assist” which I once did this trick with my mum, she freaked out. Yeah! All of this because I activated the park assist feature and the car parked by itself into parking bays. The wheels start to steer by itself all you have to do is control the speed and the brakes. I was like “Mum I lost control of the wheel, it is moving by itself” she held on so tight to her seat, eye-popping out that it cracked me up. It was a good one!

Besides ending on this funny anecdote,  SEAT has a lot of interesting features within a large range of model to better suits your need.

Enough said, to really get what I am talking about, book a test drive!


Whatever your day holds or where your adventures take you, do it well and be safe on the road.

Credits to Joel Capillaire for the photos






I am a huge fan of VW, and I only enthuse about their products, and the brands under the VW group – which include Porsche and Lamborghinis, to name a pair

I have driven a SEAT during a test drive and it was one of the best Saturday mornings behind a wheel. That brand oozes the savoir-faire of VW and is classy without being flashy.
While the car I drove lacked the luxurious interior of other brands, it had that something special that made me favor VW over all car brands: it made me feel safe and comfortable.
Some people tend to go for the fancy details. I prefer to go for what makes me tick. Only SEAT and VWs did that for me in the past years. I like basics, and this should not change.

The only down point is that they are fairly expensive (in MU) when compared to the VW’s equivalents.

Looking forward to waving at you on the road someday

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