Digital Nomad

by Katia M18 April 2018

The life of a digital nomad has given me time to spend with my family, completely settled in my house, do some interior deco, take time for myself and so much more. Now, I am able to work from anywhere. Sometimes on my balcony, places with a beach view, at a coffee place…anywhere provided I have access to wifi.

How do I take my coffee? I take it seriously, very seriously and in a quiet place where I can work and let my creativity flow. Café Lux is where I hang out most of the time; for business meetings, work on personal projects or just chat with friends around a coffee and the macarons and other pastry delicacies.

Have you ever been to Café Lux?


I’m wearing:

Green silky-look shirt from H&M

Black straight cut suit pants from H&M

Michael Kors black Crossbody handbag

Daniel Wellington, Classic Petite Sterling

Location: Café Lux, Trianon

Photos: Khatleen Minerve


With Love



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