Waterfalls of Mauritius

by Katia M29 June 2018

Listed among the top attractions to do in Mauritius, here are a few must-do waterfalls: Chamarel waterfall, Alxendra falls, Rochester fall, Eau-Bleue waterfall, Cascade Leon, Sept-cascades the most common ones.) In this blog post, I am about to share with you my personal experiences, some pictures and the level of difficulty to reach each and every one of them. But before I get into it there is one GOLDEN RULE to all of you visiting the waterfalls, ” DO NOT LITTER THE PLACE” !!!!! also BE CAREFUL on your way down and if you go for a swim.


1. Chamarel Waterfall

The very first one I did was the famous Chamarel Waterfall. The name says it all, located in Chamarel, on your way to visit the Seven-coloured Earth. You can enjoy the view from the top. It’s got to be the most impressive waterfall here on the island, or you can also go down on foot for about 30- 40 mins.

I went there just after the cyclonic season. So you can tell the amount of water that was going down and its power. It was also very very slippery, so be careful and always go with an adult.

Location: Chamarel

Level of Difficulty: 7/10

The height of Waterfall: about 83 Meters

2. Eau Bleue Waterfall

The second waterfall on my list was the Eau Bleue waterfall. I discovered it while I went on a Road trip with some friends. Apparently, there are 4 waterfalls there not far from each other, I have only been to two of them. The main one you can access by parking on the road, then you walk through a sugar cane field and you will hear when you are near one. Actually, this is how I accidentally did the other waterfall, I could hear the water falling. Eau bleu, by its name, the water is clear blue. It is hard not to take a dip, the water is so tempting and refreshing.

Be careful when you are visiting it might be empty on dry seasons.

Location: Cluny Village

Level of Difficulty: 4/10

The height of waterfall: min 3-5 meters max 10 meters

3. Rochesterfall

Rochesterfall, I guess for me was the easiest one. Just cross the river and you are there! But before crossing the river, the access to the waterfall location can be difficult, via a sugarcane field which you need to go through.

The only issue was that I went there after a week of heavy rain, so the water was muddy and strong river current and slippery bank, so always be careful. Still, very beautiful view though when the sun hits the geometrical rock shape and the show you get to enjoy with the kids climbing on the rocks and jumping off the waterfall.

Location: Souillac

Difficulty: 4/10

Height: About 10 meters

4. Cascade Léon

The recent waterfall I’ve been to is the “Cascade Leon”. If you staying at L’Exil Lodges it is like 15 mins the way down. The access to L’Exil Lodges is extremely unlevel and rocky, so I would rather suggest you go with an off-road vehicle. But the positive side once you are there, is this spectacular view you have of the waterfall from your room balcony view. This place is quiet and pretty romantic and you get to connect with nature like never before.

Location: Rivière des Anguillles

Level of Difficulty: 3/10

The photos were taken by Joel Capillaire 🙂

Friendly advice, remember to carry with you a mosquito repellent spray or cream while visiting a waterfall. There are 2 more waterfalls which are on my list. I shall update this blog post each and every time I visit a new one.

Until then I hope you would have done some too. It is a great activity to do on weekends, discover your island and admire its natural beauty. Please do share your personal experiences if you have been to anyone on the list and also the ones I haven’t been to yet.

Sharing is caring and the very meaning of a wanderlust is to share experiences, discoveries and beautiful places.


With Love




Fantastic to have discovered these unique places.
Rochester fall, Chamarel are fine places but lastly I’ve been to lexil lodge/ leon cascades. Haven’t gone down and the way to the lodge was so bad. Luckily I was in my SUV and not in the car.
Whenever there’s a group plan to visit & walk down one of these cascades please email or WhatsApp on 58866395.

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