Activated Charcoal Soap

by Katia M28 January 2018

I still remember when I used to stay at my aunt’s for school holidays, where she made all the kids use little pieces of charcoal to clean our teeth using our little fingers as a toothbrush, old grandma trick she said! I loved it and as a kid, I was amazed that this little black thing could make my teeth WHITER! Daaaaammmn!!

On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to dirt, toxin and many other impurities which end up clogging our pores and resulting in our complexion. I googled a little on the benefits of charcoal and I find out that one of them, was that it has the ability to absorb the excess oil produced by our skin and at the same time helps to pull out the dirt in our pores. (it’s the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger)


I wanted to try a few charcoal-base products and came across a brand called “Be Sure” a few days ago. My sister, who is a pharmacist, also recommended those products and informed me that they have just received them in store. So, I got my hand on some of those lovelies to give them a try! All charcoal-based shampoo, face wash and even charcoal-aloe vera skin care.

I have been using the product now for the past 10 days. I have an oily skin type. Ever since I used the charcoal soap, I noticed a reduction in the oily effect. It is a good product for skin care, personally like it as it is gentle enough to use, both, for the face and body.

The soap can be used for both face and body. Some people prefer the soap texture, others more in the form of a liquid base for the face. (both are available)

While on one hand, it extracts the excess of oil from the oily skin, it also moisturisers and nourishes dry skin. The charcoal soap also effectively treats skin allergies and redness on the face.

When used as a shampoo it helps treat skin condition like dandruff and dry scalp.

How does charcoal help your skin and hair?

•Balances oily skin

•Treats acne

•Reduce pore size

•Takes out impurities from the skin

•Removes blackheads

•Prevents premature ageing

•Treats dandruff

•Clear skin blemishes

“Be Sure”  activated charcoal range of products are completely inexpensive for all it treats and as good as the other charcoal brands. You can find them in pharmacies, beauty parlours, hair salons and super-markets. They are between Rs 190 to Rs 390.

I am totally a complete fan.

Happy Bathing !!

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With love


****** You have been a lot asking me where these activated charcoal products were available. Well, it took me a few days, but here you are. I hope this list of the retailers will help you have hands on them. *******

See Gallery.

Moreover, the activated charcoal products can also be purchased in the following showrooms of Kidskills Ltd (the representative of these products in Mauritius)

And the phone number for more infos please call on the 5756 6151

Other places:
-Curepipe, Arcade Salafa
-Kidskills Home Office at Mesnil Royal Rd
-Flacq, Arcade Seerally
-Port Louis, Labama House


Hello Katia! Thank you so much for the review which came right on time! I was thinking to add the activated charcoal in my skin care routines by buying the capsules to be used as a mask with honey. And at the same time, I’m nearly out of facial wash🙆
I am looking forward to try the soap.
Is it available in all pharmacies?

Hello Anushi,
Glad this article could help you. Also would be very happy if you could share with us the honey/charcoal based mask. 🙂

Well, let me inform myself on the list of pharmacies which have them already and i should revert to you asap. These charcoal activated products from “Be Sure” range are also available in Super market shelves.

Will come back with the selling points soon.

Thank you so much for this article
It’s indeed really helpful
In fact I use the face wash activated charcoal and it does gives good results
After reading this article I’m more motivated to used these products ❤

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