On hunt for a new Fragrance?

by Katia M27 April 2018

Struggling to decide on your signature perfume? Do not worry, it is totally normal to be indecisive. Studies have proven that we are often attracted to smells because of our personalities and memories so let’s trust our gut feelings.

When you are on the hunt for a new fragrance, here are some essential questions we should be asking ourselves – which smell do I prefer? Which season do I prefer? What is my style? My favorite hobbies? What am I looking for in a perfume? Which is my favorite colour?

I have recently discovered Salon De Parfums, an exquisite perfume shop dealing with fine and luxury fragrances from around the world. Whether you are fragrance enthusiasts, a connoisseur or an occasional buyer, you will find in the collection, a fragrance that will cater for your taste and reinvigorate your senses.


Located at the Intercontinental Resort on the Northern Coast of Mauritius, Salon De Parfums brings to those with a never-ending quest for a timeless scent, world’s renowned collection such as Roja Dove from Great Britain. The finest fragrances in the world, here luxury is highlighted with Swarovski crystal and finest ingredients such as Ambergris (The most costly of all raw materials, being worth around ten times the price of gold), Jasmine, also precious and used in Roja Parfums as well (one of the most important raw material and it takes about 1, 200 kilograms or five million blossoms to produce one kilo of Absolute). And another fine ingredient which is the Orris (costs three and half times the price of gold).

Amouage (from Oman), Moresque, Tiziana Terenzi ( from Italy), M.Micallef (from France), Alexandre J (from France), Ormonde Jayne (from Great Britain) and for the little ones there is the Baby collection from Micallef.



Their personalized service and free fragrance diagnostic ensure that whatever perfume you fall for suits your personality, taste and need.  They sell fragrance for both men and women, unisex fragrances from luxurious to affordable fragrances. If you want to discover the world of Haute Perfumerie as you have never experienced it before, a visit to Salon De Parfums is more than a must!

This luxurious perfume store has opened a new universe of fragrance to me. I like to be different, and I think it’s a success as I have found my signature perfume. What about you? What is your favorite perfume?

For more info please call Salon De Parfums on 5495 6350 or on the 5780 6241

Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/salondeparfums_mauritius/


With Love




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